Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Legal Fact...Smeagle Facts! Who cares!

Apparently...I would not know a legally significant fact if it bit me in the butt! I'm a woman, all small details are significant! They are what make the story.

Unfortunately, my legal writing teacher (and every professional in the legal world) does not agree. No problem, I'll narrow it down to the facts and ONLY the facts...that are legally significant.

Oh wait, I can't tell the difference because I'm a woman.

Damn it! I need a penis!

The Thomas Jefferson 1L from Hell!

I'm the 1L from Hell at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

I thought I was brilliant. Then I took the LSAT. That should have been a sign. Apparently I can't read that darn good and not readin to well is including things like them dang signs over there....ESPECIALLY ONE'S THAT SAY, "YOU'RE NOT AS BRILLIANT AS YOU THINK YOU ARE!" It may have taken awhile but I got a 157...not Harvard Material but top 100, right? WRONG!

I had high hopes for an amazing law school. That did not work out too well either. I ended up at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. A 4th tier law school. That was okay with me. I'll be smarter than all these half wits anyway! Right???

WRONG! (again, I hate when that happens) I have since (2 months into being a 1L) realized that I'm lazy. I don't write well. I don't follow instructions well. OH, and I pretty much like to sit around with my thumb up my butt staring off into space...occasionally saying huh? Can you repeat the question?

I am not the most social of people in the world. I am somewhere between the recluse shut in and the social scene hipster. Most of law school is ALL about working on your own, right? Wrong again, it's all about networking and socializing and blah blah blah. I missed that memo when someone sent it out. Hell, I've missed every memo since I got here.

I have not been this self conscious since 7th grade. I figured out who I was in High School, stuck with it and have been fine ever since. Back home in undergrad I was the class clown in my senior year. I'd been in school so long I thought I was brilliant and hot shit.

I can make the other students laugh sometimes. BUT on a personal level, they all give me the stink eye like I said something incredibly stupid. Everyone seems to make friends and laugh and joke and drink like little drunken fishies. Me on the other hand...not so much. I feel like a leper in this place.

Halloween is coming up, a leper might be the thing to go as. Maybe I'll make other leper friends and we can just hang out...w/our skin hanging off together! Open sores here I come!

The 1L From Hell